Have you ever given something you read or heard an extra thought? Of course you have, I am sure of it.

Sometimes you keep these thoughts to yourself. Sometimes you speak to a friend about them. Some people even blog about them. This blog is one of those, thoughts and ponderings on the world around us.

Since I am swedish, I mainly write in swedish (surprise!). But since the world is more than just Sweden and I do follow english media, some postings may be in english. I secretly wish I had mastered more languages (not claiming I have mastered english… yet) so that I could follow more international media and express my thoughts in those languages too.

I have microblogged on Twitter for a while now, but find the 140 character limit a bit… what is the word? Limiting. This is why I started this blog. I do not intend my tweets to become advertising for my postings or the other way around. Different media just have different uses.

Writing about my thougths are not something new. Long before the web became mainstream, you had Usenet and before that Bulletin Board Systems. I can see that you are wondering, and the answer is: yes, I am an internet dinosaur.

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